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Well as you are reading the news section on our website, you may have already spotted we have a brand new site.

We had several reasons for developing our new website; not least to refresh and update our brand and content. We have evolved significantly over the past couple of years, post Covid, so we felt it important to redevelop our website and social channels to reflect this.

The site is now built on a WordPress platform making it easy to update and maintain moving forward. Some benefits of the platform are we can scale up and expand our website very easily; we have full control via its CMS; our blog articles, such as this one, are easy to add and keep updated and it supports numerous media types including video content, so expect to see more of this; beginning next month with a few words from our very own Dave Rainford

We are still operating on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but we are now clearer about the aims of our social media channels, primarily that is: to communicate with the residents on the estate, to involve ourselves with the local community and to interact with other like-minded businesses, charities and community groups. We’re lucky to be supported by many great organisations and funders and we will be looking to recognise this through our social content

In addition to the main Higher Folds Community page, on Facebook, we also have pages for Nursery, Tiny Tots, Grocery and Kerry’s Corner and we will be sharing specific content on each of these, as well as lots of great photos

Thanks for reading this, please have a browse through our website, follow us on social and share anything your friends may be interested in. Also please let us know what you think by email or through our social channels.