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The need for food communities like Higher Folds Community Grocery is greater than ever. We have seen that with increasing numbers over the past few months, over 250 in March and April set to be higher than that.

Holiday Hunger is a very real problem in today’s times. School holidays are meant to be full of fun activities but for many families on a low income, this is not the case. Holiday Hunger pushes many into food poverty and food insecurity, our Community Grocery has helped many local families feeling the pressure during the Easter break.

In term time children from low-income families can access free school meals, there is no similar provision available during holidays. Holiday Hunger also means families can suffer from social isolation during the holidays, as they cannot afford to have family days out or do activities.

Evidence on the impact of Holiday Hunger on children reveals they return to school malnourished, sluggish, and dreary – some lose weight, while others gain a lot of weight. Our Community Grocery can provide the basics for a healthy breakfast and lunch to get your family through the holidays.

If children experience Holiday Hunger, they are likely to start the new term several weeks behind those who have enjoyed plentiful food and activity during the school holidays. 

We will continue to help local families, we are open to anyone who needs a little help and we continue to be very grateful to all our suppliers and funders and to our great team of staff and volunteers.