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Higher Folds Community Grocery Logo

Higher Folds Community Grocery provides affordable food for all of the community.

The need for food communities like Higher Folds Community Grocery is greater than ever. We have seen that with increasing numbers over the past few months.

Saving food waste
Higher Folds Grocery is a local sustainable food distribution service and we now have many regular users. Our staff and volunteers work alongside Fareshare GM, to redistribute food from large supermarkets and food distributors, which would otherwise have gone to waste. 

Where are you based?
Higher Folds Community Centre, Stirling Close, Leigh. WN7 2UB

How does it work?
We do not have a membership, so we are open to anyone who needs a little help. If you find yourself struggling, please call in and see what we have to offer.

What do we stock?
We have a range of great food and supplies, depending on the suppliers’ surplus  
Typical items are bread, tinned food, ready meals, biscuits and snacks, fresh fruit and veg, soft drinks, cereals, pasta, rice, noodles, cleaning products and toiletries.

Is the food going off?
Some food is past it’s best before date and some is close to use-by so needs eating or freezing.  Some is well in date; it may be in damaged packaging or just surplus stock. 

We are here to help and support the Higher Folds community in your day to day lives